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Testimonio - Felipe Lopez

Nombre: Felipe Lopez
Profesiòn: Médico
País: Nueva Zelanda
Estudios: Inglés
Universidad: The University of Canterbury
Chicago, IL.
November 27, 2005


Dear Dr Galindo,
Best regards from United States!!. I apologize I haven't kept in touch since my days in New Zealand, but after I started using the invaluable tool of the English language, my career's opportunities have multiplied and consequently, my days have become increasingly busy. I had a great time at Canterbury University. It is an amazing institution.

located in one of the most beautiful places in the world! the best: the New Zealanders are incredibly warm and friendly!, especially with the Latino students.

I started my English studies at the intermediate class and after a few weeks, I was able to get into the English for Academic Purposes Class. The EAP class is a very intensive and personalized 12 week course that really helped me to improve my language skills, interact with people from many countries and start very good friendships, all in the middle of Canta's university atmosphere. At the end of the class, I took the IELTS, I was stoned when I got 8 overall score! That was a fantastic reward for all the effort.

While in New Zealand, I applied to an institution in Canada that prepares Doctors to get licensed in North America. Once I received my study authorization, and of course, only after a marvelous trip around the most breath taking New Zealand's sceneries, I traveled to Toronto. There, I spent almost a year preparing and taking my license examinations. Now, after that long but exciting journey around the world, I have been invited to interviews at several Residency Training Programs all across United States and so, probably my near future will be outside our loved Colombia.

Thanks again for being a huge part of this dream,

Your student,

Felipe Lopez M.D.