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Testimonio - Diego Felipe Borrero

Nombre: Diego Felipe Borrero
Profesión: Estudiante
País: Australia
Ciudad: Sydney
Estudios: Information Technology

It's amazing how quickly time passes by. The first week in Australia, I spent my time with an australian family, It was a difficult experience because I had never been so far from home before. Even though I studied some english in colombia, I didnt understand a word when my homestay family call me for dinner. I was lost. After that I moved to a flat with some colombian people, so I felt more confident.

My first job was as a cleaner. What else can you expect when your english is not that good. Anyway my priority was to learn english ...and as you can see I ain't got no problems with the language now. the more you improve the language the more chances you have to get something good part time. By the way, my last job was a good one. It was as a press editor in a well known company called Media Monitors.

I passed the Ielts test and then enrolled at JMC academy which is an audio and video College. I have already completed a certificate IV in audio engineering, and Im currently stuying E-business which is a course that involves business and IT studies.

In this moment Im in Colombia on christmas holiday, and willl return to Australia next week. I think Australia is the country with the best quality of life of the world, and full of opportunities. Thats why I really want to go back there to keep on studying and working. I really recommend this beatiful country to everyone. Off course I also recommend only Grupo Gales to help you in the process .

should you require any extra information do not hesitate to contact me.

your friend

Felipe Borrer