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Testimonio - Cesar Rey & Maria Cecilia Campo

Nombre: Cesar Rey & Maria Cecilia Campo
País: Nueva Zelanda
Ciudad: Auckland
Institución: Auckland English Academy
Estudiando: Ingles

Maria Cecilia CAMPO was studying International Business in her hometown of Bogota, Colombia, when a friend introduced her to her handsome brother, civil engineer Cesar Augusto REY. "That was two years ago," says Maria. "Actually, two years, three months and 5 days ago," laughs Cesar. Maria and Cesar arrived in Auckland in March to study English. Maria's dream is to complete her degree at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch. Cesar's dream is to find a job with a construction company. "We'd like our sons to be born in New Zealand," he says. "There are so many opportunities for people here, and we just love the peace and the silence." Maria and Cesar's favourite place is beautiful Waiheke Island. They love to spend time there on the quiet, clean beaches. "But not everything here is quiet," says Cesar. "We went to a Maori culture show at the Auckland Museum, and I was startled at the warlike haka. It made a really strong impression on me!"